I have a number of projects in the works: books and audio books.


“All Kids go to Heaven” by Rick Vasquez

A psychological thriller that centers around an unfortunate family attacked by an unknown source of evil. Located in a demon processed town, named Lampat, California.
“Mama we have to leave this house. Something is trying to kill us.”

“The Gift of Manhood” by Rick Vasquez

A romantic comedy about five sisters who decide they want their men to be more sensitive to their needs. The men always willing to please their woman, agree to attend a weekend ‘Man’s Sensitivity Retreat.’ To explore and release the whole man within themselves.

“Upon the Finish Line” by Rick Vasquez

A story of feeling alive, needed and useful. Understanding that all life has purpose, from new love to meeting your maker. Especially when you are a retired spy.
“Sometimes I feel like God has no room for me. My bags are packed and I’m ready to go. But it seems like I wake up each day scratching my head waiting for my turn. It’s kind of cruel.”

“The Changing of the Guard” by Rick Vasquez

A true mystical story of how a young man was mentored and trained to become the spiritual leader of the family. All in the mist of Rock and Roll.
“I just want to be normal, not chosen.”

“The adventures of Ordaly and Juan” by Rick Vasquez and Michael Vasquez

A life comedy, of an Uncle’s love for his Nephew, as they both learn the meaning of care and respect for each other. Set in a Latino town, inspired by a taco stand.
“Life is like a taco, filled with love and friends, or just an empty shell waiting to be eaten.”

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