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All Kids Go To Heaven is a psychological thriller mystery about a displaced family who was helped by a church congregation, two children killed, and their mother arrested for the crime of murder.

All Kids Go To Heaven cover


“God takes care of His own and His own knows his entire flock.”

Excerpt 1

Jenny slowly descended, focusing her eyes on the sergeant. She slapped the table with both her hands as she raised herself in the metal chair. The young adult gulped down a sob and spoke with a mind of confidence. “My mom is a sick woman. Why won’t you believe me?” The bitch is a murderer!” Jenny placed her hands on her head, feeling the dried-up blood in her hair. Fresh tears spilled down her cheeks. Sergeant Ellis’s heart was torn, trying to be objective, but for a moment, she allowed herself to feel Jenny’s pain.

Excerpt 2

Ms. Corbin reached out and opened her briefcase. She took out a small tape recorder, closed the case, and set the device on top of the table. She pushed the red record button, leaned forward with a sense of hope. The noise from the record’s reels broke the silence. Ms. Corbin said, with apprehensive but a stern tone, “Mrs. Lanky, do you know why you are here?” Muscles twitched around Anne’s mouth, but she made no reply. Ms. Corbin frustrated, kept her hands clenched together on top of the table. It was as if she was the one handcuffed restricted from hurting somebody. With a frown on her face, she stated, “You are here because you are being investigated for the murder of your children.”

Excerpt 3

Like a shark after the scent of blood, Ms. Corbin struck. “Mrs. Lanky, did you kill Donald Allen Lanky and Debra Lanky? Did you kill your children?

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