Executive Producer, writer, owner of film. Rick Vasquez
Self -Produced 11/2001
Stars: Corey Feldman, Adam West. Introducing Miki Padilla
Genre: Psychological Thriller. Horror.

A preternatural spirit that haunted Jon (Corey Feldman) as a child is summoned by an ill-conceived séance to liven up a party only to unleash a litany of horrors and murders on the participants and anyone in his way.



A supernatural thriller starring Corey Feldman and Adam West. A group of friends intoxicated and high finds themselves caught in a nightmare of a séance.  Jon, ( Corey Feldman), tells his friends about a childhood drama, concerning a ghost named Michael Miller.  This story prompt the group to have a séance and bring Michael Miller back to life.  Adam West a homeless Angel watches over and protects the group of friends from the horrors of the living dead.

Seance (a.k.a Killer in the Dark) – Trailer

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