Executive Producer, writer, owner of film. Rick Vasquez
Self -Produced 11/2001
Stars: Corey Feldman, Adam West. Introducing Miki Padilla
Genre: Psychological Thriller. Horror.

A preternatural spirit that haunted Jon (Corey Feldman) as a child is summoned by an ill-conceived séance to liven up a party only to unleash a litany of horrors and murders on the participants and anyone in his way.


A supernatural thriller starring Corey Feldman as Jon, a young man who, after telling his friends a story of a child who died while desecrating a church, is coerced to conduct a séance and raise the blasphemous boy from the dead. What follows next is a litany of horrors and murders.

Seance (a.k.a Killer in the Dark) – Trailer


In the spring of 2000, I had a company that worked in the movie industry.  Our corporation was a traffic service company that assisted movies in Los Angeles with their locations that were on the streets.  Part of our service was that we had to be the first one on set and the last to leave.  So, most of my life at this time was sitting in my truck, or in the production tent.  I had decided that I was going to use this time to write.   The following weekend was Mother’s Day.  My family and I attended a gathering at my brother’s house in honor of my mother.  The night before the party I had a dream.  It was a sort of a nightmare that woke me up shivering because it caused me to remember an incident when I was a child.  I got up that night and decided that I didn’t want to continue the dream so I stayed up until the morning sun came up.  I started to write down notes of what I remembered and a good part of the episode came to mind.  After my family and I got to my brother’s house, I pulled him and my mother aside and told them about my nightmare.  My brother Mike thought it was cool until he also realized that he remembered that something different had happened.  We both turned to our mom and even though she was scared to death of such demonic activities, she began to tell us the story.  I was five years old and my brother was seven.  We share a bedroom and one night I woke up to the sound of gun fire, stabbing and cheering.  The problem was my brother was playing with a ghost.  The young boy spirit was in control of their play and had my brother kill these ceramic saints.  While they were in my brother’s hands, they were a glowing white.  When my brother killed them, he gave them to the boy, and the white saint became a dull lifeless black.  This was the basis of my movie Séance.

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